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Amisk Lake Recreation Site Andrews Lake Game Preserve Anglin Lake Recreation Site Antelope Lake Regional Park Assiniboia Regional Park Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park Atton's Lake Regional Park Backes Island Wildlife Refuge Basin and Middle Lakes Bird Sanctuary Bazill Wildlife Refuge Beatty Lake Recreation Site Berube Lake Game Preserve Besnard Lake Recreation Site Big Sandy Lake Recreation Site Big Shell Lake Recreation Site Biggar and District Regional Park Birchbark Lake Recreation Site Bird's Point Recreation Site Blackstrap Provincial Park Boundary Dam Reservoir Recreation Site Bronson Forest Recreation Site Buffalo Pound Lake Recreation Site Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Bug Lake Recreation Site Cabri Regional Park Camp 10 Lake Recreation Site Candle Lake Provincial Park Canoe Lake Recreation Site Carlton Trail Regional Park Ceylon Regional Park Charron Lake Game Preserve Chitek Lake Recreation Site Clair Lake Regional Park Clarence - Steepbank Lakes Provincial Park Clear Lake Regional Park Clearwater Lake Regional Park Condie Nature Refuge Recreation Site Cookson Wildlife Management Unit Courtenay Lake Recreation Site Craik and District Regional Park Crooked Lake Provincial Park Crystal Beach Game Preserve Culdesac Lake Recreation Site Cypress Lake Recreation Site Dafoe Game Preserve Danielson Provincial Park Davin Lake Recreation Site Delaronde Lake (Zig Zag Bay) Recreation Site Deschambault Lake (South East Arm) Recreation Site Devil Lake Recreation Site Dickens Lake Recreation Site Dore Lake Recreation Site Douglas Provincial Park Duck Mountain Provincial Forest Duck Mountain Provincial Park Duncairn Reservoir Bird Sanctuary Dunnet Regional Park Eagle Creek Regional Park East Trout-Nipekamew Lakes Recreation Site Echo Valley Provincial Park Elaine Lake Recreation Site Elaine Lake Road Corridor Game Preserve Elbow Harbour Recreation Site Emerald Lake Regional Park Emma Lake (Murray Point) Recreation Site Estevan-Cambria Wildlife Management Unit Etter's Beach Recreation Site Fairy Island Wildlife Refuge Fishing Lake Regional Park (KC Beach) Fishing Lake Regional Park (Leslie Beach) Fishing Lake Regional Park (Saskin Beach) Fishing Lake Wildlife Refuge Fowler Lake Recreation Site Fur Lake Recreation Site Gatehouse Island Wildlife Refuge Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park Gordon Lake Recreation Site Granite Lake Recreation Site Greenwater Lake Provincial Park Hackett Lake Recreation Site Hanson Lake Recreation Site Heglund Island Wildlife Refuge Helene Lake Recreation Site Herbert Ferry Regional Park Heritage Lake Recreation Site Horseshoe Lake Wildlife Refuge Hudson Bay Regional Park Ingvald Opseth Wildlife Refuge Island Lake Recreation Site Isle of Bays Wildlife Refuge Jan Lake Recreation Site Jayjay Lake Recreation Site Katepwa Point Provincial Park Kendal Game Preserve Kindersley Regional Park Kipabiskau Regional Park La Roche Percee Historic Site Lac Eauclaire Recreation Site Lac La Ronge Provincial Park Lac Pelletier Regional Park Lake Charron Regional Park Last Mountain House Provincial Park Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area Last Mountain Lake Wildlife Management Unit Last Mountain Regional Park Leaf Lake Wildlife Management Unit Leaf Rapids Recreation Site Lebret Recreation Site Lenore Lake Bird Sanctuary Lenore Lake Wildlife Refuge Limestone Lake Recreation Site Little Amyot Lake Recreation Site Little Bear Lake Recreation Site Little Loon Lake Regional Park Lomond Wildlife Management Unit Lovering Lake Recreation Site Lucien Lake Regional Park MacKay Lake Recreation Site Macklin Game Preserve Macklin Lake Regional Park Makwa Lake Provincial Park Mariposa Wildlife Management Unit Marsden Game Preserve Martins Lake Regional Park Matador Grasslands Protected Area McBride Lake Recreation Site McLaren Lake Regional Park McLennan Lake Recreation Site Meadow Lake Provincial Park Meeting Lake Regional Park Memorial Lake Regional Park Meota Regional Park Meridian Creek Recreation Site Moose Mountain Provincial Forest Moose Mountain Provincial Park Moosomin and District Regional Park Morin Lake Regional Park Mount Hope Wildlife Management Unit Mud Lake Wildlife Refuge Murray Lake Bird Sanctuary Narrow Hills Provincial Park Neely Lake Bird Sanctuary Neely Lake Game Preserve Ness Lake Recreation Site Nesset Lake Recreation Site Nesslin Lake Recreation Site Nickle Lake Regional Park Nisbet Trails Recreation Site Nisku Wildlife Refuge Old Wives Lake Bird Sanctuary Opuntia Lake Bird Sanctuary Oro Lake Park Oyama Regional Park Pagan Lake Recreation Site Palliser Regional Park Parr Hill Lake Recreation Site Patterson Lake Game Preserve Pepaw Lake Recreation Site Pike Lake Provincial Park Piprell Lake Recreation Site Prairie Lake Regional Park Prairie National Wildlife Area Preston Lake Wildlife Refuge Prince Albert National Park Progress Wildlife Management Unit Radisson Lake Game Preserve Raven Island National Wildlife Area Redberry Lake Bird Sanctuary Redberry Lake Regional Park Redberry Wildlife Refuge Regina Beach Recreation Site Reindeer Lake (Norvil Olson) Recreation Site Riverhurst Ferry Recreation Site Rock Island Wildlife Refuge Rockin Beach Regional Park Round Lake Recreation Site Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park Ruby Lake Recreation Site Saginas Lake Recreation Site Saint Cyr Hills Trails Recreation Site Saltcoats Regional Park Saskatchewan Beach Regional Park Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Scent Grass Lake Bird Sanctuary Scent Grass Lake Game Preserve Scheelhaase Island Wildlife Refuge Shell Lake Recreation Site Shirley Lake Recreation Site Silver Lake Regional Park Smoothstone Lake Recreation Site St. Brieux Regional Park Steele Narrows Provincial Park Struthers Lake Regional Park Sturgeon Lake Regional Park Sturgis and District Regional Park (Site 2) Suffern Lake Regional Park Sutherland Bird Sanctuary
Fishing Season Open
Popular Northern Pike (Jack) Walleye (Pickeral) Yellow Perch Lake Trout Lake Whitefish Arctic Grayling Stocked Brown Trout Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Tiger Trout Splake Native Bigmouth Buffalo Channel Catfish Goldeye Mooneye Longnose Sucker Lake Sturgeon Sauger Saugeye Round Whitefish Burbot White Sucker Rock Bass Introduced Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Cisco Common Carp Northern Zone Central Zone Southern Zone
Stocked Waters Last year (2023) Last two years Last five years Last ten years Ever Walleye (Pickeral) Yellow Perch Lake Trout Brown Trout Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Tiger Trout Smallmouth Bass Northern Pike (Jack)